Is this the coolest Geology App for your iPhone?

Before I start this post let me first point out that I love my iPhone.  In fact many would say that I probably couldn’t live without it.

While I am in the confessional zone let me also tell you that my obsession with “Smart Phones” started when they used to be called PDAs.  Indeed I still have fond memories of my Psion Series 3 device, but that’s just showing my age!

Via our contract provider at work I have been supplied with many upgrades of Windows based phones and even wrote the very first version of our popular hand held borehole logging program (Pocket SI) [1] on one of them.   The PDA graveyard in the corner of my office is like a history of the “Smart Phone” evolution.

Then along came the iPhone and the rest, as they say, is history.

There are thousands of applications that can be downloaded for the iPhone and you will quite often hear iPhoners showing off to each other with the customary “What’s the coolest app on your phone?” opening line.  Indeed it was during one of these “Apple Appreciation” moments with Judith Dickinson from Insight Geo [2] that I was introduced to iGeology.


Screenshoot from IGeology App

Screenshoot from IGeology App

iGeology is a new free iPhone App that lets you take the 1:50,000 geological map of Britain with you wherever you go. Simply navigate to the area you are interested in and tap the screen, wait a few seconds and the Superficial and Bedrock Geology information is displayed for that point.

As iPhones have built in GPS you tap the GPS icon and the app will automatically download the 1:50:000 OS map and overlay the geology data for your current location.

I would like to congratulate the BGS for putting this app together and running this service free of charge.  It’s an excellent implementation of the iPhone technology and a very useful service.  I am already looking forward to the upgrades!

For those of you who don’t have an iPhone the BGS website currently states [3] that “from early 2011 Android smartphone users will also be able to use iGeology”.  Or, of course, you could use this as the excuse you have been looking for to get an iPhone; Apple sold 14 million iPhones in the last 3 months finally outselling Blackberry so you have safety in numbers at last.

What other Apps do you use at work?

Please add your comments below to let us know what the most useful apps are on your iPhone and maybe we’ll get enough contributions to start a regular mobile app review slot on this website.






3 comments to Is this the coolest Geology App for your iPhone?

  • Bruce Grayson

    It’s not that helpful if you’re outside of the UK, then, is it?!

  • keynetix


    It is true that this App only covers the UK. However there is a more general geology App called “Glossary of Geology” that covers all the terms used in geology in an interactive dictionary. That may be more help for people reading this blog who are not based in the UK. I would also like to here other suggestions from people if they have a best App.

    To learn more or purchase the Glossary of Geology app, search for “Glossary of Geology” in the App
    Store, or visit iTunes at: .


  • Phil Band

    It is a usefull App.

    I use a free app called Angle for measuring slope angles etc.

    There are also free calculator apps TouchCalc is the best i have found.

    Dragon dictation also comes in useful for dictating notes on site as it turns them into text and emails to you.

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